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Simplot recipe shot
Roasted fruit can be used as a topping or a sauce, a side or an ingredient, and is an excellent complement for either sweet or savory dishes.
Commercial kitchen produce
With some forethought, operators can make inroads to reduce this operational cost. Here are three strategies.
flavor healthy
Offering bold, flavorful menu items doesn't have to come at the expense of health...
college student coffee sales
Self-service retail option can help operators take coffee sales beyond the cafeteria.
Bulgogi Beef Whole Grain Noodle Bowl
Here are a couple of trends that are making a big impact in healthcare foodservice.
Au Gratin Potato Casserole - Lower Sodium
Ensuring that kids in school cafeterias eat healthful, tasty food can be challenging. Fortunately, food manufacturers are listening.
fish burger
Foodservice operators and chefs have long known that seafood is a delicious, healthy alternative to other proteins, and now more consumers are looking toward fish as a way to liven up their diets.
Simplot Roastworks
Techniques like roasting and charring can add a dimension of homemade authenticity to the menu.
pork belly tots

Gravy can be used as a building block for signature menu items inspired by global flavors, bold ingredients and on-trend fare.