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students eating lunch
Imitating restaurant trends has long been a way to increase participation in K-12 meal programs.
Smithfield Snack On

Check out these three ways to add ethnic options to the lineup.

Seasoned Ratatouille Penne
While foodservice operations across the country have expanded their vegan and vegetarian menus in recent years, those plant-based options are crossing over into the mainstream.
chopped pumpkin

Warm spices and seasonal ingredients are as much a harbinger of autumn as falling leaves and longer nights.

black bean burger
Plant-based dining is continuing to gain momentum, and consumers in the college and university segment are especially receptive to dishes that help them reduce their meat consumption.
chicken burger
Charged with satisfying the shifting tastes of diners, foodservice directors have begun to add more chicken to their assortment, and for good reason.
chicken wings
Operators can help root for the home team and capitalize on interest in big games by working tailgate-style fare into the mix.
variety of foods
Students are more adventurous eaters than ever, but that doesn’t mean that the kids don’t occasionally want their favorites to appear on the menu.
biodegradable straws
Cities coast to coast are banning, taxing or boycotting traditional single-use plastic straws in an effort to reduce waste and protect the environment. Yet consumers love using straws. What’s an...
Dole recipes

Here are five ways to incorporate fall flavors into your foodservice menus to stay current with the changing seasons.