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Consumers are snacking more and more. And their tastes are going global.

Offering snack-sized portions that feature an ethnic flair creates a head-turning lineup of original tastes that can help bring in more patrons at mealtimes and in between. Let Smithfield be your guide to global snacking insights, ideas and, of course, products. From convenient ready-to-heat choices, like deli meats, pulled pork and bacon, to an unparalleled portfolio of fresh pork cuts, including our superior DURoC line, operators will find just what they need to create signature shareables, small plates and handhelds to satisfy snack-loving customers again and again. Check out these three ways to add ethnic options to the lineup.

A taste of the streets.

grab-and-go ethnic snack

In any major city across the world, one can find stalls, carts, trucks and more, serving simple yet irresistible, creations that satisfy culinary explorers and wanderers. Many of these cuisines are finding favor with adventurous snackers, and operators are scrambling to make these foods more suitable for shareables, takeout and grab-and-go. Below, we highlight three of the most popular street food formats finding their way onto American menus.

1) Skewers


Skewers are a great menu item because they can be served as a traditional entree or as a protein-filled shareable snack. Popular on both ethnic and nonethnic operator menus, skewers are extremely versatile and can be served with unlimited fusions of different global tastes to create signature skewer dishes. 

2) Sandwiches/Handhelds

snack sandwich

As the ever-popular sandwich remains fully entrenched in the diet of America, ethnic variations of sandwiches can be low-risk options for consumers trying a new cuisine. Operators should look to the 2-5 p.m. time frame to offer sandwiches for those who skip lunch. 

3) Dumplings


Another worldwide favorite, found in just about every culture, dumplings are the perfect shareable and are found on an increasing number of menus. Popular dumpling varieties from Asia, Latin America and Europe include wontons, pierogi and empanadas with a variety of proteins, including beef, pork and chicken.

From convenient, ready-to-heat choices to an unparalleled portfolio of fresh cuts, operators can find just what they need to create signature shareables, small plates and handhelds to satisfy snack-loving diners again and again. For additional product information, visit, or call a sales representative at 888-327-6526.

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