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To get some inspiration for fall menu items, check out these three trends.

cheese and pretzels
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All foodservice operations want to keep inventory at minimum, and operators are reducing the ingredients needed in their kitchens through strategic and savvy menu building.

Download this infographic to learn how roasted vegetables are rising in popularity on menus.

Check out this infographic to learn how roasted vegetables intensify flavor in your plant-based.
veggie buddha bowl
When plant-based dishes offered are craveable and focus less on health and more about taste,.
plant based protein bowl
When menu descriptions focus on flavor first, plant-based proteins become less about health and.
From nachos to pizza to cheese fries and beyond, it’s clear that college kids love cheese.
dessert variety
Foodservice operators are taking notice of consumers' growing interest in eating desserts.
plant-based dishes
Here are a few tips for innovating with both meatless and less-meat dishes.
Simplot recipe shot
Roasted fruit can be used as a topping or a sauce, a side or an ingredient, and is an excellent.


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