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Bold flavors make eating healthy easy

Consumers’ tastes and preferences are changing. They still want to eat great-tasting foods, but they’re increasingly likely to want those foods to be better for them and have quality ingredients.


Get creative to fuel the snacking generation

Today’s college students range from Gen Zers to millennials, but they might as well be called the snacking generation.

No doubt about it: It’s vegetables’ time to shine. In fact, according to recent Menu Monitor data from Technomic, vegetable mentions in the add-on menu category alone increased 15 percent in the last year. But that doesn’t mean that plain old steamed broccoli or a baked potato is enough anymore.

Stations where students can add flavor and customize their meals represent a very effective way for operators to keep engagement levels high.

Focusing on breakfast foods that pop with flavor is an effective way for operators to engage today’s college students.