At Stouffer’s, real food means real, authentic farm-select ingredients. Ingredients like freshly-made pasta and real cheese crafted into customer favorites by chefs in a kitchen like yours, only bigger. Where freshness and nutrition is preserved by freezing, not preservatives, and choices include vegetarian, gluten-free and whole-grain. Explore the easy-to-serve possibilities with simple, consistent scratch-made taste you can be proud to call your own.

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Comfort classics get a boost from fresh produce

Tweaking favorite dishes to include healthful produce additions is an effective way to boost their nutritional value. Mixing up the menu is also a way to provide a change of pace for guests.


3 ways to reinvent classic favorites

Here are some suggestions to bring new life to traditional favorites.

As global condiments and cuisines from all around the world proliferate on restaurants menus, offering classic dishes, like fried chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese might seem irrelevant—or at least a lower priority.

College and university students who are juggling classes, friends and often jobs epitomize the grab-and-go consumer. Their schedules can be haphazard and unpredictable. Their meals, likewise, need to ...

Consumers are looking for more flexibility and customization in their dining options, no matter where they’re eating.

By menuing delicious dishes that feature familiar flavors, operators stand to capture a big portion of diners’ dollars.

Using real ingredients to build meals students love satisfies everyone, from parents to new college students and even operators.

A large part of menuing allergen-friendly cuisine is deciding which gluten-free items to serve.

Catering to the diverse tastes, health preferences and allergy restrictions of students are keys to success for C&U operators.

Inspired by trendy global flavors and drawing on local foods, gluten-free dishes today appeal to a broad audience, not just those who have medical issues.