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3 ways lentils are making waves on menus

Foodservice operators are using lentils in unique and tasty ways on menus. Check out three ways to use lentils in creative, craveable dishes


Ancient grains provide heartiness and health that consumers crave

As for the difference in growth, that could be thanks to noncommercial foodservice facilities serving people in a more utilitarian sense, rather than an indulgent sense—that is, customers patronizing a hospital cafeteria may be interested in different types of foods than, say, a couple going out for date night at a hot new restaurant in town. But whatever the reason, the facts are that ancient grains have staked their place on noncommercial menus—and operators are working hard to add more dishes featuring them.

College and university students are a diverse and nutritionally-savvy lot, and they’re craving healthier options such as plant-based protein and more unique global fare.

As more diners seek out plant-based menu choices, many college and university dining services have pushed the creative boundaries.

In fall 2018, California passed a law that requires state-licensed healthcare facilities to provide a healthful plant-based option at every meal. But even before that law was passed, plant-based menu ...

As consumer preferences and definitions of what healthy eating means change, so do foodservice menus.

Here's how healthcare operators are lowering the salt, but keeping the flavor.

Plant-based dining is continuing to gain momentum, and consumers in the college and university segment are especially receptive to dishes that help them reduce their meat consumption.

Here are a few tips for innovating with both meatless and less-meat dishes.

With the buzz around plant-based eating continuing to grow, learn how operators can more easily offer these choices on their own menus.