Simplify your food safety processes and make above unit visibility easy with ComplianceMate™, a cloud-based, food safety monitoring and management system and IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® Winner 2018.

Built to help single restaurants, chains, commissaries, and quick-serve establishments with HACCP compliance and temperature monitoring, ComplianceMate™ is made up of two modules: Automated Temperature Monitoring and Digital Checklists.

The combination of hardware (LoRaWAN-based temperature sensors, gateway, and wireless Bluetooth probe) and software (unique tablet technology) helps those in the food industry improve operational efficiency, food quality, food safety, and brand consistency, while helping to reduce overhead costs and food waste.

ComplianceMate™ enables you to capture digital data 24/7/365 for real-time temperature readings, which are stored in the cloud for easy access at the unit, district, and regional levels. The Digital Checklist modules also give your team a smooth, efficient means for completing checklists, providing time- and date-stamped reports for inspectors, ensuring safe food for customers, and helping you achieve operational efficiency.

Contact us to learn more about how our food safety monitoring and management system can help you stay organized and HACCP-compliant, keep your team members on track and accountable, and ensure the safety and satisfaction of your customers.  

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Digitize your food safety checklist

How can operators cope with inefficient (and oftentimes nerve-wracking) checklist processes? Digital checklists