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Boston Public Schools is the newest district to join the group, which says it now reaches nearly 3.7 million students.
An additional 35 schools will adapt vegan menus by the end of the school year.
One school served around 370 meals on Friday and Saturday.
A new rule relaxes restrictions formerly placed on milk, sodium and whole grains.
A new law to that effect will be enacted at the start of next year.
P.S. 1 is the third public school in New York City to go meatless.
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The processing is after-hours, so it works well with the students’ schedules. The students have their ServSafe certification and are skilled with working with all the equipment, so it’s a win-win.
The school foodservice employees say they are ready to strike as early as next month. The employees are members of Teamsters Local 320 and are fighting for a $15 hourly wage.
To ban or not to ban—The answer isn't as clear as some might think. These operators weigh the benefits and the downsides to getting rid of the student favorite...
We have been focusing on menus that allow our high school students to customize their lunch, so this is another menu option where they are able to do that.


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