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The short videos provide parents with an inside look at its scratch cooking.
The district’s FSD attributes the success to expanding breakfast, smarter purchasing and cutting back on food waste.
The No Student Goes Hungry Program aims to shield underprivileged students from embarrassment, and to provide expanded breakfast and farm-fresh foods in schools.
The demos are conducted during lunch.
Boston Public Schools is the newest district to join the group, which says it now reaches nearly 3.7 million students.
An additional 35 schools will adapt vegan menus by the end of the school year.
One school served around 370 meals on Friday and Saturday.
A new rule relaxes restrictions formerly placed on milk, sodium and whole grains.
A new law to that effect will be enacted at the start of next year.
P.S. 1 is the third public school in New York City to go meatless.


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