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Union representatives from Middletown’s Local 466 say the move shows disregard for the city’s laborers in favor of cutting costs.
36 kitchen managers in the school district were put through a four-day training course last week from a local culinary arts institute.
Copperas Cove Independent School District has added a “Spice It” station to its cafeteria. The cart features six different spices and hot sauces that students can sprinkle on their food.
The Energy Express is a five to six-week summer reading and nutrition program, providing children with two healthy, family-style meals a day and more than three hours of daily reading and learning.
One parent believes her son’s school system should have notified parents of metal being found in a chicken patty, the same way the system would send out an update when children have lice.
The council member is concerned with D.C. Public Schools' decision to extend foodservice provider Chartwells' contract following a $19 million lawsuit settlement...
If McDonald’s is Fast Food 1.0 and Chipotle is Fast Food 2.0, what is Fast Food 3.0?
A school district in Florida has stepped up its summer foodservice program by adding more site locations, a second mobile feeding bus and delivery to apartment complexes, local churches, YMCAs and...
The USDA and Florida Department of Agriculture are endorsing a 2-1-1 helpline, which will help families find schools offering free summer meals to children.
While school is out, families of Pelican School students will take turns tending the garden, so students can enjoy the fruits of their spring planting in the fall.


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