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The district superintendent expects to break even, if not come out ahead, because of the federal reimbursement packaged with the free lunch program.
Congressional Republicans are renewing their fight to roll back first lady Michelle Obama’s prized nutrition standards for school meal programs.
Nonprofit Wellness in the Schools reallocates lunch budgets for 60 New York City public schools to recipes developed by Chef Bill Telepan and his staff.
A facility in the heart of Fla.'s tourism industry finds current staff to be the best source of staff additions, if you can generate enough word of mouth...
The FDA announced Tuesday that manufacturers will have three years to rid their products of partially hydrogenated oils, the primary source of trans fats.
barley wild rice pilaf pomegranate
Barley adds variety to this wild rice pilaf while pomegranate seeds and a cruch and pop of flavor.
With the number of meals served annually declining, as well as revenue, the Daniel Boone School District has only received one bid from a food contractor for the upcoming school year—which isn’t...
Columbia Public Schools nutrition services department had recently been $1 million in the red, but is now ending the school year with more than $1 million in the black.
Celebrity chef turned Colorado lunch lady Ann Cooper told a Harvard conference on food in public schools that the federal government needs to prioritize children’s health and nutrition when making...
wheat berry salad red fruit
This chilled fruit and wheat berry salad is sure to be a standout at any potluck or barbecue.


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