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food as medicine market
The healthy food provided at a new market also serves to combat chronic health conditions.
The strike encompasses workers in the AFSCME 3299 union, including dining hall employees.
short rib sandwich
The hospital started serving the in-season items in early October.
fed chef cooking
Three teams of chefs plus a market basket of ingredients equaled dozens of new recipes.
University of Pennsylvania Hospital
Foodservice employees and other healthcare workers demonstrated outside the main building of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania last week.
mongolian grill
A healthcare operation found a way to speed up wait times by two-thirds in some cases.
kitchen staff
New research pegs what noncommercial operators’ direct competitor for employees is offering prospective hires.
Chesapeake cakes
The menus will launch at hundreds of university, healthcare and business and industry operations across the country.
Chef Coby Smith departs the busy ramen bar he helped develop two and a half years ago.
The state legislation signed into law this week is the first of its kind.


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