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Consumers want foodservice operators to dig deeper on health, “natural” ingredients and local sourcing. Here’s how your streetside competition is responding.
The increase has already been approved by the state Senate.
fruit salad
Lime, cilantro and agave add Southwest flair to this fruit-and-grain salad.
salad bar
We are creating recipe cards to display on our salad and sandwich bars to give customers ideas about salads and sandwiches they can assemble themselves.
lentil tacos
Turn Meatless Monday into Taco Tuesday by substituting lentils for ground beef. The lentils' small size make them the perfect filler...
farro orange salad
Grain salads are taking off. Combine farro, roasted beets, fresh greens, goat cheese and orange for a unique salad bursting with flavor.
Seventy-five percent of customers come to Castle Rock Adventist Hospital strictly to eat at Manna, where the kitchen is divided in half – one side for patients and the other for the restaurant crowd.
nra show floor
Foodservice operators shared some tips during the National Restaurant Association show.
tandoori chicken roulade
Give your guests some spice with this tandoori chicken dish. Take a step beyond ordinary chicken breasts by filling and rolling them with chicken mousse.
Michigan-based Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital was recently presented the GreenHealth Partner for Change Award, for its program to eliminate Styrofoam containers and reduce the use of other...


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