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pistachio whoopie pies
Pistachio pudding mix and confectioners sugar sweeten up this nutty treat.
Ed Sirhal
Restaurant Associates’ Edward Sirhal showcases new menu items and initiatives through an Apple-inspired summit.
coffee grounds cups
We save our coffee grounds in 5-gallon buckets.
farro pilaf
Looking to expand beyond ordinary rice? Farro is a great textural substitution that holds up well to a pilaf preparation with fresh vegetables.
peach blueberry maple grunt
Have an abundance of peaches? These simple dumplings are a great way to use excess fruit and they contain almost no sugar.
Here’s what the foodservice departments of several colleges and universities are doing to commemorate Earth Day.
Two food trucks at the College of William and Mary have given mixed returns, with one returning a profit while the other struggles.
More than 100 foodservice workers will be out of jobs when a St. Louis arena ends its contract with Sodexo in June.
polenta stuffed grilled onions
Vegetarians won’t feel left out from the barbecue loop when polenta-stuffed onions are tossed on the grill. Chef Essig’s recipe turns out a hearty entree packed with flavor.
The University of Utah has joined the Real Food Challenge, pledging to spend 20 percent of the school’s food budget on ‘real food’ over the next five years.


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