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ricotta spaetzle chicken sausage
Iraj Fernando says this pairing of sausage with pasta is a popular dish in the company’s executive dining room.
With the population rising and the demand for protein increasing, producers and operators will need to find enough protein to feed billions more mouths.
NCAA’s rule allowing athletes unlimited access to food and snacks has some schools offering luxurious meals at dining halls and ‘refueling’ stations at training facilities.
A group of students started a petition at one Chicago university, hoping to improve nutrition labels on menus in the student center.
honey wheat bread
Add a slightly sweet flavor to wheat bread by incorporating malt syrup.
A consortium of Pennsylvania colleges received the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge Endorser of the Year award, recognizing food waste reduction efforts.
A food fight is breaking out on a New Mexico university’s campus after two local restaurants are being forced to move to make way for a national sandwich chain.
pistachio whoopie pies
Pistachio pudding mix and confectioners sugar sweeten up this nutty treat.
Ed Sirhal
Restaurant Associates’ Edward Sirhal showcases new menu items and initiatives through an Apple-inspired summit.
farro pilaf
Looking to expand beyond ordinary rice? Farro is a great textural substitution that holds up well to a pilaf preparation with fresh vegetables.


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