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Bowdoin College and Northwestern University top the Thrillist list of the best college and university dining halls in the country.
The University of South Florida’s food pantry opened September 1 for students struggling to secure a meal.
Monroe, chef at Maryland-based Washington College, won the foodservice provider’s 2015 Mid-Atlantic Region Chef of the Year award, part of its Be-A-Star program.
Some of the products found at University of Nebraska-Lincoln c-stores are past their expiration date, a conscious effort by the retail operations manager to cut down on waste.
A new GrubHub study of college students’ takeout eating habits has ranked UB students first among the student bodies of 100 universities in making healthy food choices.
After a coalition of food, farming and advocacy groups urged UMS to purchase more locally sourced products, the university has announced it will purchase 20 percent of food served on six of the seven...
In an effort to diversify its meal options, the university has introduced a wider selection of fruit to serve as yogurt toppings at breakfast, a daily rotating sandwich bar in place of a former fixed...
Duke University students are reacting positively to the new additions, including Dame’s Chicken and Waffles, says Director of Dining Services Robert Coffey.
What’s bubbling up in the restaurant world that may be adaptable to noncommercial foodservice? Here’s a look at a cuisine that’s poised to take off.
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We do a series of cooking classes—three to four per semester—for students getting ready to graduate. We teach t hem how to cook healthy foods.


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