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Staff will hold a three-day strike next month after failing to negotiate a contract with the university.
blended burgers chefs
Students selected six blended burgers as the most delicious-looking of the year.
The school’s weeklong event features a different meatless burger each day.
Good Uncle is broadening to 15 college campuses this fall
Staff fear that they will lose out on pay, benefits and seniority when Compass takes over foodservice operations this fall.
The team has met with students and international chefs in an effort to offer more accurate global cuisine.
cost graphs
Developments beyond the control of operators could push up prices for equipment and some supplies.
Students have requested more local, independent restaurants on campus.
The winning team served a menu inspired by the Colonial era.
The lighthearted event sought to nudge students to return more than 20,000 pieces of stolen silverware.


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