What’s the secret to successful foodservice? Turns out there’s no right answer. For our first-ever ranking of the Top 100 Noncommercial Operations, FoodService Director turned to sister company Technomic to compile those with the highest food and beverage sales. Talking with the leading operations, we uncover their missions and solutions that can be scaled to work for just about any operation.

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Methodology: The Top 100 is a measure of the largest noncommercial foodservice operations by 2015 U.S. food and beverage revenues (except for senior living, for which food and beverage revenues were not available). Relevant information is accrued using a combination of public records, direct operator surveying and proprietary valuation algorithms. Technomic believes its sources of information are reli-able, but does not assume any liability for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information published. More information on Technomic’s Digital Resource Library.

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There are about five times as many students fed in New York City’s public schools than all the public schools in Hawaii.