Spent Grain Waffles

Day PartBreakfast
Menu PartEntree
Cuisine TypeAmerican

Source: Culinary Institute of America

The Egg
The Culinary Institute of America
Hyde Park, N.Y.

Kitchen staff at The Egg, the student dining venue at the Culinary Institute of America, makes these waffles with whole grains for a healthy boost and hearty flavor. The batter uses both spent grains left over from beer production at the CIA’s on-campus brewery and whole-grain flour.


33 oz. whole wheat flour
33 oz. all-purpose flour
2.4 oz. baking powder
3.2 ounces sugar
½ oz. salt
58 oz. whole milk
58 oz. buttermilk
24 eggs, separated
½ pound sweet butter, melted
1 pound canola oil
22 oz. spent grain flour
Fresh fruit and yogurt, for topping


1. Combine whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour and baking powder; sift. Add sifted flours to large bowl; stir in sugar and salt.
2. In a separate bowl, combine milk and buttermilk. Whisk yolks from separated eggs and add to milk mixture. Slowly stir in melted butter and oil.
3. In large mixing bowl, whip egg whites to medium peaks. While whites are whipping, gently mix dry ingredients, spent grain flour and milk mixture using well method; batter can have a few dry lumps.
4. Fold whipped egg whites into batter one-third at a time until just incorporated, do not overmix.
5. Using approximately 2/3 cup batter per waffle, bake waffles in waffle maker. Serve warm, topped with fruit and yogurt.

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