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Lassi is a popular beverage in Indian cuisine. Fast-casual chain Curry Up Now adds mango puree blended with rose syrup to the traditional yogurt-based drink to balance the tartness with fruity and floral flavors. Serve the lassi ice-cold.


18 cups mango puree

9 cups plain yogurt

9 cups buttermilk

4½ cups whole milk

1½ cups rose syrup

1 cup plus 2 tbsp. light brown sugar


1. Working in batches, in high-powered blender with 8-cup capacity, combine 3 cups mango puree, 1½ cups yogurt, 1½ cups buttermilk, ¾ cup milk, ¼ cup rose syrup and 3 tablespoons light brown syrup. Cover and blend until frothy, adding additional rose syrup to taste.

2. Repeat with remaining ingredients in batches as needed.

3. Refrigerate until very cold; mixture will hold for several hours in the refrigerator. Blend again before serving if needed.

Photo courtesy of California Milk Advisory Board

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