Mole de Cacahuate Bowl

Day PartLunch
Menu PartEntree
Cuisine TypeMexican

Chef Keith Seeber
UFood Grill

Operators looking to offer more substantial fare to celebrants can serve up this hearty but healthy version of mole. The meal-in-a-bowl, created by UFood’s chef Keith Seeber, starts with grass-fed beef and incorporates quinoa, farro, butternut squash and beet greens. The recipe also supports zero waste, as it uses ribeye trim as the meat portion.


1 lb. ribeye trim
Kosher salt and black pepper, to taste
4 cups quinoa and farro porridge or cooked quinoa or farro
1 cup peanut mole sauce
½ cup lime crema
1 butternut squash, roasted and sliced
Beet greens, for garnish
Tortilla strips, for garnish
Sesame seeds, for garnish


1. Preheat grill to medium-high. Season beef with salt and pepper. Place on grill and cook about 5 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 120 F. Let rest 7 to 10 minutes before slicing.
2. To serve, place 1 cup porridge, quinoa or farro in bowl. Add 4 ounces sliced beef, ¼  cup peanut mole sauce and 2 tablespoons lime crema. Arrange butternut squash slices in bowl; garnish with beet greens, tortilla strips and sesame seeds.

Photo courtesy of Meat and Livestock Australia

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