Charleston Mule

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Mixologist Kristina Magro
The Dogma Group

The typical Moscow Mule is made with vodka and ginger beer. In this version, mixologist Magro brews apricot tea as the base for the drink, calling for vodka, bourbon or rum as an optional ingredient. Operators can therefore serve this as a boozy cocktail or nonalcoholic mocktail.




3 oz. brewed sweet apricot tea
1 oz. lemon juice
½ oz. honey
Ice cubes
Nonalcoholic ginger beer
Lemon slice and candied apricot, for garnish
1 oz. vodka, bourbon or rum, optional


1. In small bowl, combine tea, honey and lemon juice; mix well.
2. Pour mixture over ice cubes in glass. Fill with ginger beer and garnish glass with lemon and candied apricot.
(For cocktail, stir 1 oz. spirits into tea mixture before adding ginger beer.)

Photograph courrtesy of Red Diamond Tea

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