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Go behind the scenes at the MSU Meat Lab

Michigan State University’s on-campus meat processing facility makes local meat within reach for dining halls, athletic events, catering and collaborations.


Recipe report: Shrimply the best

These shrimp-centric recipes make the most of a seafood favorite in zesty, spicy, citrusy, bold, tangy ways for mega flavor appeal on the menu.

Applications are being accepted through May 13 for the 2024 US Foods Scholars program, which will provide $360,000 to outstanding culinary students.

Long Island’s Stony Brook University Hospital transforms patient meal-ordering with launch of new easy-to-use mobile app.

Bon Appetit’s new Dine Well, Eat Smart monthly takeover series taps into the college-age generation’s wants and needs, from lowering their carbon footprint, to elevating their mood, all in a chill, low-key manner.

Pocket some key summer-stunner recipes now; bask in the glow of menu success all season long with tropical cocktails, farm-fresh salad, grill-friendly skewers and the famous healthcare recipe, Beef Steak Tomato Sandwich.

OVG Hospitality’s backyard barbecue-meets-global-street food items are your perfect summer-fun idea starters for something different under the sun in stadium cuisine.

The unsung hero of salads, bowls and more, couscous has got your back, whether it’s in the background, soaking up the sauce, or the main attraction, soaking up the spotlight.

Some old-school training tactics are stale and need to go. Others are tried and true and should stay. Morrison Healthcare’s Chef Thomas Sewell gives us his take on why you shouldn’t automatically get rid of every old-school training rule, and why you don’t have to jump on board with every new one, either.

Light and bright with a little (or big) hint of heat, these seafood dishes will take your customers on a deep dive to the underwater version of Flavortown.

Celebrating the diverse community in the kitchen, The Ritmo del Mar (Rhythm of the Sea) event returns for a second year with vibrant music, culture and culinary traditions and techniques that allow guests to taste the ocean of flavor, created by chefs who make it authentic.

The crack of the bat…the sizzle of the hotdog…these are the sounds of spring that baseball fans and baseball food fans have been waiting for! Don’t miss the Back to Blue Burger, the Dino Rib and the Loaded Funnel Cake Fry Sundae.

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