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Mich. lawmakers to vote on sub-minimum wage

Anyone under age 20 could be paid a lower rate.


Boston College suspends salad bars after Chipotle norovirus outbreak

Dining halls are also being sanitized to prevent the toll of infected students from soaring past 120.

The program pivots on kitchen rationalization.

They have the purchasing might to force down the price of alternatives, and are set to use it next year.

Students in five states can now have a Slurpee and a bag of Doritos brought to their dorm room.

The fast-casual brand’s first C&U location is on the University of Kentucky’s Lexington campus.

How will onsite feeding evolve next year? FSD posed the question to the researchers and consultants at Technomic. Here’s what they prepared specially for FSD readers.

A new study by the General Accountability Office finds participation rates declining.

Reauthorization of the program, with or without adjustments in the requirements, could take months.

Decisions on the changes sought by school FSDs remain in limbo.

Winsight, LLC will use its print, digital and event assets as new platforms for broadcasting insights from the research company, which will continue to operate under the Technomic name.

The deal parallels the acquisitions Trusthouse Chairman Michael Bailey engineered while leading Compass Group to build that contractor into a giant.

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