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Jamal Hazzan: The Multi-Tasker

“Over the 20 years I’ve been doing this, no two days have ever been exactly alike,” says Jamal Hazzan, director of food services at the Klein Independent School District in Klein, Texas. “Each day brings a new challenge.”


Taking Back School Lunch

Operators meet the challenges of the increased costs of healthier foods with creative solutions and an outcry for federal funding.After the reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act in 2004, school d...

Central Vermont's Food Works at Two Rivers Center, a progressive non-profit organization, is supplying schools, hospitals, and senior sites with produce fresh from the fields.

With the power to advise, publicize and even fund, customers can develop and improve promotional events. Promotional events can increase participation, gain publicity and improve morale for customers...

Memorial Hospital North’s new Garden Terrace Café-Bistro boasts fanciful dish presentations, restaurant-style recipes and a wide variety of choices. At A Glance: Memorial Hospital North ...