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3 trends bringing fries into the future

At a time when differentiation is helping brands compete, the facile approach to fries won’t cut it. Some restaurant operators are starting to think fry-forward.


8 barbecue flavors that are on fire

Regional American, ethnic versions and spicy to sweet variations are among the fastest-growing barbecue flavors. Here are the eight seeing the most rapid growth.

See which factors truly make a taco that encourages guests to return.

Diners’ favorite burger ingredients, builds and consumption habits have shifted in several ways during the last two years.

Eateries are adding more of a common pulled pork cut, a Spanish sausage, a trash fish and an upscale beef product to their menus.

Top chains are revamping their snack offerings with innovative twists.

Customers reveal which 10 chain subs spark their biggest cravings.

Here’s how operators are thinking outside the box when it comes to hot and cold cereals.

Restaurantgoers reveal which chains’ french fries are most likely to spark cravings.

These emerging ingredients can help push menus ahead of the curve. 

Operators are going beyond crepes and creme brulee to give the dessert list a French accent.

With the current focus on vegetables and grains, sides are in the menu spotlight. See how three side dish flavors are making waves.

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