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Bipartisan bill would provide federal funding for school nutrition education programs

The Food and Nutrition Education in Schools Act of 2020 would provide funding for schools to hire full-time food and nutrition educators and to set up projects such as school gardens.


Wyo. bill would allow schools to give surplus food to students

Schools would be allowed to donate packaged and unpackaged food, whole produce, wrapped raw produce or unpeeled fruit.

The fund would allow schools that do not stigmatize lunch debt to be reimbursed.

Patients may be eligible for an emergency food kit and other food assistance.

Changes include allowing schools to prevent students with meal debt from attending school activities.

Attendees will enjoy a meal provided by hospital foodservice staff and learn more about heart health from two cardiologists.

If passed, the bill would cost the state $650,000 annually and would impact more than 12,000 students.

The 12-member council will develop new menu items for CPS and also promote the district’s nutrition program through cooking demonstrations and other activities.

The first-of-its-kind concept serves drinks made with Hershey products.

State school meal funding would see a 40% increase under the proposal.

The bills would ban lunch shaming and allow schools to share excess food with students and accept outside donations toward school meal debt.

The district now tailors its menus to where its schools are located.

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