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5 stats on pizza preferences

While pizza is still a mainstay on all kinds of menus, diners’ openness to new sorts of pies is expanding.


Aramark to debut La Latina Cocina at 7 C&U locations

The foodservice management company is partnering with chef Grace Ramirez to bring the concept’s menu to life.

The program will begin in 2023 via the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Stephens County Hospital will start incorporating local ingredients into its menus.

The bill would allow districts to offer breakfast to students during the first 15 minutes of instruction time.

Middle school students at Boulder Valley School District competed in the district’s Middle School Iron Chef Cooking Competition.

The dining team at Excela Westmoreland Hospital prepared dishes such as chicken Kyiv and holubtsi.

Robotic baristas, chefs and bussers are filling staffing gaps, boosting morale and more, operators say.

Temperature-controlled pickup lockers are the main feature at Ford Food Garage.

As ideas of what counts as a snack shift, diners may be looking for different kinds of items when hunger or boredom strikes.

The school's Sodexo-run dining team hosts three produce stand events per semester.

Montana Marinara is made using local squash, carrots, onions and more.

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