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RIT Dining donates meals to healthcare staff on the front lines

The university foodservice team is prepping hundreds of these meals each week.


Cornell Dining boosts community outreach amid the coronavirus pandemic

The dining team is working with a local food bank to help keep area families fed.

The foodservice provider will assist with creating packages that contain food, personal care items and more.

Nurses in the Georgia district are screening 100 employees daily.

Restaurants across the country are working to provide food and support for healthcare staff, K-12 students and families experiencing food insecurity.

The dining team is supplying more than 1,000 meals per week.

FoodService Director’s MenuDirections conference served up a number of tidbits for operators.

On Fridays, students can pick up three days’ worth of meals.

The cafeteria has been closed to the public due to COVID-19.

Ithaca School District decided to switch to home delivery to practice social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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