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Theft-worthy knowledge from the University of Illinois foodservice team

Read on for stealable staffing, menu and operations ideas.


3 questions with Dawn Aubrey

Here’s a very short list of things that inspire University of Illinois FSD Dawn Aubrey: triple-point chemistry, the founding fathers, black currants, invasive species and international cuisine.

As part of a large public research university, FSD Dawn Aubrey has a wealth of brainpower at her disposal. Here are three ways she has partnered with other departments.

Throughout this issue, we’ve highlighted stealable ideas in all realms of noncommercial foodservice, from protein-focused sides to legalized marijuana.

As The University of Chicago Medical Center prepared to revamp of one of its kitchens, it wasn’t just foodservice executives coming to the table.

After tantalizing diners with the warm comforts of FoodService Director’s Netflix and Chili pairings this fall, it’s time for a sweeter offering for a great Valentine’s dining promotion.

How The University of Chicago Medical Center juggled its priorities to overhaul a kitchen.

There are a few foodservice trends Managing Editor Dana Moran would like to happily put out of her mind in 2017—with a few supplements from some FSDs.

USC shared photos of both the new Fertitta Cafe and a revamped version of the business school’s Popovich Cafe, and chatted about the thought process for both.

FSD's managing editor looks back on the top five biggest surprises she encountered this year. 

The Top 100 operators have a lot to share. Here are some of Managing Editor Dana Moran's favorite anecdotes that didn’t make it into the final story.

In recent months, operators have had to stave off more fears than just E. coli. Mumps, flu and hand-foot-and-mouth disease have reared their germy heads in foodservice.

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