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Keeping the coronavirus at bay

Foodservice operators are paying attention to the coronavirus as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention seeks to boost awareness of the illness and how it spreads.


7 marketing opportunities in March

Bring a little luck into your foodservice operation with these event ideas.

Rally Cafe will offer students a variety of customizable and grab-and-go options built around seasonal ingredients.

The dining team at the University of Michigan has reached a new milestone in its partnership with its student-run farm.

When Ithaca's foodservice team went self-op, Cornell University and other community allies stepped up to help.

Just Egg will be served at Sodexo’s higher education, healthcare and corporate operations across the country.

Palforzia could help prevent serious reactions in children.

K-12 operators share what’s worked to boost produce consumption in their districts.

Operators share their thoughts on the potential changes ahead for the federal programs.

The School Food Recovery Act of 2020 would provide grants to schools to go toward reducing food waste.

The space will allow K-12 operators, UC Davis faculty, local farmers, students and others to collaborate to improve food systems.

The SNA would also like longer lunch periods, preservation of the USDA 2018 Final Rule and more.

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