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How the Georgia Department of Education’s latest campaign is changing the message around school meals

Tray of the Week allows nutrition teams in the state to showcase all the work that goes into feeding students.


USDA issues new 'transitional standards' for school meals

The new standards will go into effect at the start of next school year and run through 2023-2024.

Take a look at some best practices shared at the School Nutrition Industry Conference last week.

The updated eateries at Indiana University’s Memorial Union have operated under many service styles due to the pandemic.

State employees will be able to use paid leave to volunteer at schools that are short on workers.

The foodservice management company says it will look for untapped opportunities in each of the segments it serves.

The foodservice management company aims to expand plant-based options, reduce waste and incorporate mental health-boosting ingredients.

The bill identifies such water sources as any used for drinking, food preparation or cooking.

Schools would no longer be allowed to "publicly identify or stigmatize" students if they are unable to pay for meals.

The team revamping IU’s Memorial Union grappled not only with COVID, but also an aging building that packed some surprises.

If made law, schools would need to offer a plant-based meal or snack if a student or their guardian requests one.

Schools that source their food from the state or ones nearby would receive a percentage of their food costs back.

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