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If kids could design their own cafeterias, what would they choose?

A new initiative from FoodCorps aims to find out.


How a hospital nutrition team fosters healthy choices by casting a wider net

See how the health heroes at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital are building community ties.

Here's an overview of the operators who responded to FSD's survey.

Staffing, time and resources are a few obstacles mentioned by operators.

Here's how operators are getting students to try healthier foods.

Here's how operators across the country are dealing with food waste and food insecurity.

Here's what K-12 operators across the country are serving up.

Taste, quality and freshness are the three biggest factors.

Director of Dining Services Giulianna Galiano-Gomez shares how she makes employee training a major focus.

The waste could be costing schools $1.7 billion each school year.

Infuse your operation with some holiday spirit and diner engagement may follow.

The winning meal featured pheasant ravioli, seared black bass and sous vide gambas, butternut squash puree and a chocolate almond coconut macaroon bar.

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