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What Smitha Haneef hopes to bring to Harvard’s dining program

This school year and beyond, the department’s new managing director seeks to put inclusivity and flexibility at the fore.


Hunterdon Healthcare’s E-Cafe2U program brings new customers, higher checks

The hospital dining team is feeding employees where they are.

Dining teams are sticking to COVID-era engagement practices as in-person events return to the mix.

COVID slowed down many teams’ sustainability efforts, and for some, a clear solution remains under wraps.

A Pittsburgh hospital is experiencing higher satisfaction and fewer errors in patient feeding after revamping its trayline.

With self-serve foods scrapped early in the pandemic, many doubt the cafeteria staple will make a total comeback.

With fewer people on-site, all types of dining operations are serving up meals to those in need.

Foodservice programs are applying what they learned during fall semester as they enter the next.

The SimplyOASIS program, started at the University of Chicago, is rolling out nationwide and will eventually become part of regular campus fare.

A food dehydrator has helped Florida Blue cut its annual kitchen and cafe waste by 80%.

Foodservice operators take aim at the world’s plastic problem, one step at a time.

With retail revenue plummeting, operators have come up with some creative ideas to recoup lost dollars.

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