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San Francisco committee offers alternatives to corporate cafeteria ban

The department says it agrees with what the ban is trying to solve, but is concerned about its effect on cafeteria worker jobs.


From Gen Z to retiree, here's what today's diners want

Whether your customers are 18 years old or 68, find out how each generation is putting its stamp on the foodservice industry.

Going out to eat is part of boomers' DNA, but they bring different expectations to the experience.

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Here's how two operations aim to appeal to young diners' on-the-move lifestyle.

The bar serves as a food pantry for food-insecure students.

The hospital started serving the in-season items in early October.

The University of Illinois and its contractors use a combination of open communication, trust and engagement to keep renovations on schedule.

Salad bars were removed from schools and the menus were changed to include items such as hot vegetables, canned fruit and fresh fruit with peels such as oranges.