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4 dining events to try in January

The start of a new calendar year brings a fresh batch of ways to engage diners. Here are four events to consider offering this month. 


Successful with restaurants, a pilot apprenticeship program is now aiming to develop noncom managers

The NRAEF’s initiative is turning 1,000 line-level employees into career-minded leaders

2018 met expectations and delivered a few surprises on the plate.

The fishermen talked to students about their jobs and then joined them for tuna sandwiches in the cafeteria.

A new prediction list from Sodexo packs a couple of surprises.

The district will be using local sweet potatoes, cabbage and broccoli for the meal.

After three days of education, cooking and inspiration, the chef attendees at the FoodService Director Chefs’ Summit at the Ohio State University in October left with fresh menu ideas, innovative preparations and some new industry friends. Photographs by FSD Staff

FSD Content Director Abbey Lewis ponders learning from her mistakes, and the value of being first.

A host of innovations are being tried to divert single-use hot-drink containers from landfills, from cup sharing to “clever cups” that can order and pay for a refill. Here’s a sampling.

Each of the district’s 24 campus kitchens came up with gingerbread house creations, which will be judged by the district’s school board members.