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8 winning social media tactics

These restaurant chains’ wins can be other foodservice operators’ gains. Here are some of the best practices used by the standouts to engage their audiences.


Do students have enough time for lunch?

Some parents of students at Ohio-based Canton City School District are pushing for extended lunch periods.

Member’s of the University of Georgia’s Speak Out for Species, an animal’s rights organization, cites animal cruelty concerns as the foremost reason for the change.

The program not only ensures students are eating healthy, locally sourced foods, but allows them to harvest produce and learn about where it came from.

Stanton College Preparatory School’s new “Create” station lets students customize nachos, baked potatoes and pasta bowls.

Program helps limit overcrowding in campus dining halls and eateries.

Halal lunches will now be served at five elementary schools in the San Diego Unified School District.

Through a partnership with the Cheyenne County Farm Bureau, the Sidney Public School District is able to serve local beef to students.

Consumers' embrace of mobile ordering and third-party delivery for restaurant meals is spreading to the noncommercial sector.

Since joining the Community Eligibility Provision, Kannapolis City School District has seen a 14 and 6 percent increase in their lunch and breakfast programs.