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Cafeteria worker helps prevent shooting at school

The employee confronted a man who entered the cafeteria with a gun.


University of Maryland may soon add EpiPens to dining halls

The program would be instituted in partnership with the school’s University Health Center.

Curl Market Patio opened at the university this fall.

FSDs across segments are swapping in spinach and other greens, while some are brainstorming ways to address the growing frequency of romaine safety concerns.

Principals said the influx of parent visitors in the cafeteria was disruptive.

The Weekends Without Hunger Act would install a five-year pilot program aimed at providing food to students when school is not in session.

The bill will not include restrictions that could have caused almost 265,000 children to lose free school meals.

North Thurston Public Schools has accumulated $21,000 in lunch debt this school year.

The FDA says it intends to follow up with labeling that specifies where the produce was grown.

Here are some marketing ideas to keep in mind as the holiday season gets into full swing.