USDA to provide almost $500 million in procurement funding for school nutrition programs

The additional funding will help schools purchase American-grown foods for school breakfast and lunch.
Students eating lunch at school
Photo: Shutterstock

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will provide $471.5 million in additional funding to help schools purchase American-grown food for school breakfast and lunch.

States will allocate the funds to school districts based on student enrollment, with a minimum amount per district to make sure that small districts still relieve sufficient funding.

Funding is being provided through the USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation. The USDA is also providing supplemental funding to support food banks and emergency food systems.

As students return to classrooms, school nutrition programs are still struggling with procuring products. More than half (85%) of respondents to FSD’s recent K-12 survey say they’re having trouble sourcing items.

Some operators have begun purchasing from big box stores to supplement their menus, while others have partnered with local suppliers to get the menu items they need.



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