University of Pittsburgh to source local cattle for nose-to-tail cooking

The school has partnered with a local ranch to purchase whole cattle for use in its dining program.
Photograph: Shutterstock

The University of Pittsburgh has partnered with a local ranch to begin purchasing whole cattle for use in its dining program. 

Using a nose-to-tail approach, the dining team, which is managed by Chartwells Higher Ed, plans to use the beef and bones from the cattle in a manner of ways.

The bones, for example, will be used for bone stock in soups, and the chuck, top round and sirloin roast will be served as fajitas, barbacoa and roast beef at the deli counter. The beef will also be used for burgers, flank steak dishes, brisket short ribs and more.

All of the meat will be halal, and the university plans to serve it at eateries throughout campus by the fall semester. 

The nose-to-tail movement, which started gaining steam several years ago, is just one of the ways chefs are looking to be more sustainable in the kitchen

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