University of Pittsburgh leans into locally inspired dining concepts

Pitt Eats debuts Wicked Pie and PA Taco Co., two new brands created in house.
Photo courtesy of Chartwells Higher Ed

The University of Pittsburgh's dining team has replaced two well-known restaurant brands in the school's student union with options developed in house.

Pitt Eats, which is run by Chartwells Higher Ed, opened PA Taco Co. in a space previously occupied by a Taco Bell Express unit. Its Wicked Pie concept takes the place of a Pizza Hut Express.

PA Taco Co. serves up street tacos with sauces and tortillas made from scratch, while Wicked Pie offers 12-inch pizzas that are made to order and cook in just 90 seconds. Both eateries have vegan and allergy-friendly ingredients available.

workers make pizza

Pitt Eats workers prep pizza / photo courtesy of Chartwells Higher Ed

“The switch from national to internal concepts allows us to provide more inclusive offerings and flexibility with the menu,” Quintin Eason, Pitt Eats’ vice president of operations, said in a statement. “These concepts also allow us to play with recipes and menu items that better match the needs and trends that today’s college students want.”

Earlier this semester, the team also introduced Smokeland BBQ, an in-house barbeque concept with a smoker as well as a food truck.


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