University of Maryland to roll out EpiPens in dining halls

Photograph: Shutterstock

After getting initial approval to stock EpiPens in campus eateries, the University of Maryland is aiming to have multiple EpiPen packs on hand in each of its dining halls within the next couple of weeks.

Since November, close to 40 managers and dining employees have received training on EpiPens and how to identify signs of anaphylaxis, Dining Services Director Colleen Wright-Riva told The Diamondback.

Previous state legislation had prevented the College Park, Md., school from storing EpiPens in dining halls due to the potential liability. Under current law, a dining hall with EpiPens must post signage noting that it’s certified to administer injections of epinephrine and including information on where the devices are stocked.

Maryland’s health department recently approved Dining Services’ EpiPens plan, which was developed in conjunction with the school’s health center.

Last semester, Wright-Riva told The Diamondback that about 130 of the 9,000 students enrolled in the school’s meal plans had self-reported a food allergy to Dining Services. Around 30 of those allergies were potentially life-threatening, she said. 

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