UC foodservice workers plan to strike

Foodservice staff at the University of California are planning to go on strike, Daily Bruin reports.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299, which represents foodservice staff as well as other university employees, is holding a strike May 7-9 after failed contract negotiations.

Union leaders say the strike will include over 9,000 UC service workers. The union has been negotiating a multiyear contract with the university for over a year.

A spokesperson from the university said that it pays service workers at or above market level, with some staff making 17% more than people in comparable jobs. She added that the union rejected a final settlement proposal that included health and retirement benefits, along with a multiyear wage increase of 3% annually for the next four years.

Union members hope that the strike will cause the university to come back with a more substantial proposal.

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