Sweetgreen teams up with nonprofit on school cafeteria initiative

The chain has partnered with FoodCorps to expand the Reimagining School Cafeterias program.
Photograph: Shutterstock

Fast-casual health chain Sweetgreen has partnered with FoodCorps to foster a new initiative aimed at improving child nutrition in cafeterias, Fast Company reports.

Over the next two years, Sweetgreen will pledge $1 million toward FoodCorps' Reimagining School Cafeterias initiative. Currently in its pilot stage, some components of the initiative are being tested in three schools across the country.

At an elementary school in New Mexico, students can taste different spices and sauces at the Taste Buds Flavor Bar, while students at a North Carolina school can try produce prepared in a variety of ways and vote on their favorite. In addition, a California school is offering Our Cafeteria, a program through which students will share input on how to improve their cafeteria’s food and layout and work with partners in the community to implement those changes.

The chain plans to help expand the pilot program to five schools this spring and hopes to eventually offer the full program to 50 schools by the 2020 school year.

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