Stable tables: Not just for commercial restaurants

Photograph: Shutterstock

It’s a problem that can truly make or break a dining experience: unstable tables. They’re the Achilles’ heel for busy servers who are already short on time and don’t want to have to wrestle with wobbling tables at the same time. They’re an issue as well for customers, who take to the floor in search of that perfect fix, placing items such as coasters or sugar packets under table legs. Wobbly tables aren’t limited to commercial restaurants, either. They’re also found hiding in plain sight in places such as university dining halls, hospital cafeterias and corporate dining rooms. They need attention, too.

Ease the stress for hospital visitors and cafeteria staff: Whether someone is visiting a hospital or working in one, the environment can be somewhat stressful. Shaky tables only add to that level of stress. When a table is stabilized, it removes the potential of creating an unpleasant or uncomfortable experience. Many hospitals have already poured a great deal of money into menus and atmosphere, so why stop there? Make sure those tables are stable. Visitors will be grateful and hospital staff will be, too.   

Enhance students’ free time: Students are a busy lot. When they’re not in class, studying or sleeping, they can often be found eating or visiting with friends. A large part of students’ social time is spent in university dining halls. Ensure they enjoy their downtime without having to deal with a table that won’t stop wobbling. No parent wants to catch up with their kid over tilts and spills, and no faculty member wants to review their notes while balancing a cup of coffee on the tabletop. Set the stage for success with dependable table-stabilizing technology. 

Create a culture of caring: Workplace culture is a hot topic. More and more companies are working to create a culture that embraces staff and cultivates an environment of caring. While stabilizing tables in the company cafeteria may sound like a small contribution, it’s those little things that add up. When employees see that their workplace has invested in table-stabilizing products, it communicates to employees that they work for a company that cares. For example, if an employee has to spend time fixing a wobbly table, they’re not going to return to work feeling refreshed. They’re going to be agitated, and that’s not good for employee morale. Give them something to smile about.

While there are a host of different table-stabilizing devices on the market, not all of them are foolproof. Invest in products that will provide a positive ROI. For example, FLAT Tech provides a variety of stabilizing products to correct wobbly tables and table alignment.

Innovation is key for most hospitals, universities and corporate settings, so shouldn’t their dining spaces reflect that spirit, too? Stables tables are something all foodservice operators can get behind.

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