Southwestern University updates dining hall for fall

Students return to a rebranded space with new menu offerings, including a focus on global flavors.
Southwestern Dining
Photo courtesy of Sodexo

Students at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, are finding a fresh new look on campus this fall in the form of dining hall Mabee Commons.

The eatery, which has been rebranded as Southwestern Dining, is sporting an updated look that includes digital signage, new tile and other aesthetic tweaks.

Global flavors will get a more prominent place in the revamped eatery, with a new international station serving rotating entrees such as Korean pork bulgogi, Brazilian steak bowls and a Mykonos Greek chicken salad. It's also adding ramen, poke, and a juice and smoothie bar, as well as Sodexo’s Simple Servings platform for customers with dietary restrictions.

A portable demonstration table is another new feature, which the team plans to use for made-to-order dishes during regular meal service as well as for catered events and cooking classes.

“It was a tremendous feat to try and get this refresh project completed in less than a month, but I’m extremely pleased with the results,” Michael Fulkerson, area marketing manager for Sodexo, said in statement. “It feels like you’re walking into a brand-new dining hall.” 


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