A roundup of C&U Earth Day promos

Earth Day is here, and events are being held worldwide to promote environmental protection. Here’s what the foodservice departments of several colleges and universities are doing to commemorate the day.

Villanova University’s dining-services department is featuring a sustainable, FarmToFork Dinner in all three of its resident dining halls. The dinner will feature all local foods, responsibly sourced and grown, and delivered to the university.

Although Oklahoma State University is asking students and staff to make every day Earth Day, today they’re celebrating Oklahoma Day at EarthFest 2015. Students can check out the Made in Oklahoma dining options around campus.

Baylor University’s dining services are celebrating Earth Day by donating leftover food to Campus Kitchen for Reuse.

Marquette University is conducting a “caught green-handed” campaign today. Students can check out the foodservice operations’ Twitter handle to find out who’s using their reusable containers. Sodexo is also doing an “I commit” campaign showcasing employees committing to sustainability.


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