NYC Public Schools shares fall reopening plans

Students in the country's biggest school district will physically attend class just one to three days a week, depending on their school.
Photograph: Shutterstock

The country's biggest school district will start the upcoming school year using a hybrid model of remote and in-person learning, The New York Times reports

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has released a plan to reopen NYC Public Schools, which includes three different schedules that schools can adopt depending on how many students and staff they have.

Under the least restrictive schedule, for example, a school that can accommodate at least half of its student body while adhering to social distancing measures will be able to have students physically come to class two to three days each week. However, schools that can only hold a third of its students with social distancing in place may have students attend class in person just one or two days out of the week. 

School principals will decide this month which schedule they want to use. No matter which schedule is chosen, no more than 12 people will be allowed in a classroom at a time, including teachers and aides. 

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