N.J. bill would require schools to set up food advisory committees

The bill would mandate that school districts with a middle school or high school create a committee to make recommendations to the nutrition department.
A school meal tray.

A New Jersey lawmaker has introduced a bill that would set up foodservice advisory committees at school districts throughout the state.

If passed, Assembly Bill No. 3528 would require school districts with a middle school or high school to create a committee to collect feedback on how to make their school meal options better reflect students’ cultural and dietary preferences.

The committees would be required to meet at least three times per school year and would make recommendations to school leadership and the district’s nutrition team.

Committees would be made up of the superintendent, principals, a member of the nutrition department, students and parents. School nurses would also be invited to join if they are interested.

Before setting up the committee, schools would be required to send out a form to all students that allows them to share any unmet food preferences or feedback and asks them if they would like to join the committee. If no students list unmet food preferences or their food preferences could be met without the use of a committee, schools could temporarily suspend the committee for a year.


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