NC State completes Healthier Campus Initiative

North Carolina State University has become the first college in the nation to meet all 23 requirements of the Healthier Campus Initiative, an ambitious program intended to promote healthier eating by students.

The recommended time frame for the program is three years. The university did it in one.

The Healthier Campus Initiative is administered by the Partnership for a Healthier America, an advocacy group affiliated with First Lady Michelle Obama. Thirty-nine colleges signed a three-year commitment in 2014 to implement the Initiative’s guidelines for nutrition and physical activity.

Among the measures NC State adopted to meet the guidelines were the designation of healthy food and beverage items with a special icon; making free water available at all dining, educational and recreational facilities; and providing a Dietitian’s Dish meal throughout the day.

“Our commitment to providing a healthier campus and the strengths of our campus-wide partnerships are reflected in this significant achievement,” NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson said in a news release.


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