Metz serving only line-caught tuna

The company is making the move from net-caught tuna in a sustainability effort.

DALLAS, Pa.—Metz Culinary Management is now serving only line-caught tuna in its B&I, K-12, higher eduction and healthcare accounts. The company is making the switch because it says line-caught tuna, opposed to net-caught tuna is more sustainable and produces a higher quality product.

“Metz strives to be at the forefront of environmental vision and principles and we believe in providing our customers with sustainable and high-quality products, even when there is added expense,” said Craig Phillips, VP of purchasing for Metz Culinary Management, in a press release. “Metz wants to act responsibly now to create a sustainable future and line-caught tuna is a step in that direction. We feel that sticking to these principles outweighs higher financial costs.”

According to the International Pole and Line Foundation, line-caught tuna is a more targeted fishing approach, and as a result of that targeting, tuna can be caught more quickly, preserving the meat and providing a fresher, less fishy taste.

This is the latest in the management company’s sustainability efforts. Metz recently announced it will serve Just Mayo, an egg-free mayonaisse option that replaces animal products with plant products, as its exclusive mayo product. By 2017, or sooner if products become readily available, Metz will purchase pork products only from suppliers that do not use gestation crates. Metz also has switched all of its shell eggs to cage free and is in the process of making the move with liquid eggs as well.


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